Secrets of the World
As I discussed on other Vlogs regarding Egyptian king Amun Ra and how similar his life was to Jesus, it comes as a shock to many that this information was steadily available  to anyone and everyone in the free world.  Click on Amun Ra to learn more about him. Once you know Ra, you'll know Christ.

The moon alien base is another shocker that most people were never aware of. During the first landing of Apollo 11, they not only discovered a spaceship was following them from earth to the moon, but, when they landed on the Sea of Tranquility site, they saw glass pyramids taller than Empire State Building, ruined military bunkers, spaceships and underground basements. How do you think they discovered wireless technology, fiber optics, cell phones and yes, MS Windows? You also want to ask yourself, what was inside those moon basements, and pyramids?

What is the term Lunar base stands for? It actually stands for "Luna", which is the name of the actual "Alien race", who do not want us anywhere near the darkside of the moon. This is why we put more work upon ourselves, and built a floating space station.  And why is it that we only see one side of the moon, even though the 'lame' scientific theory doesn't have any merit to its evidence regarding moon phases? Now, was this base built by Anunnaki?

Germans, in Hitler's era, knew a lot more than you know, just learn about  Project Orion

The phrase, "2012 dooms day prophesy " should be taken out of the dictionary. What will happen on Dec 21st 2012? You will wake, go to work, hear some news on the date itself, and after a week, nothing. However, what if the governments took advantage of 2012? What then?

I discovered these secrets like any other passionate child of this planet through Kundalini Meditation, which takes you on to the 4th dimension, and reveals to you a small portion of the truth. This method of meditation has been kept a secret for long time. You may find lots of videos on youtube about it, but the true invoking of the 4th dimension happens only by sacred words, which I can not tell you, only a true master can. Those words start out with "Klein----," that's all I will say.  Here is the video of the sounds I experienced during Kunalini.

I had the chance of getting a publisher, but they wanted to throw out so much valuable information, which I could not let them do. This is why I am taking the route of freedom.

"Om Mani Padme Hum," this mantra was given to a human from 5th dimension being. That human became a medium of the higher dimension, whose name was Gautham. These are the most powerful scared words for our plain and dimension.

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         Kapiel Raaj is a Science Fiction Books' author, who has also written books on Astrology and published  Romantic Novels