What is Moon Matrix?

I have not only spoken on this subject, but I have written a novel on Moon’s mystery and the Alien Moon Base in Kyirux II: The Hidden History. Kyirux II is the second part of my first novel Kyirux: The Message of Pascal. In Kyirux II, I take you not only on the surface, but inside the alien moon base, and show you what it could be like inside these bases in a cinematic theme. I attended David Icke’s lecture on Saturday March 26th in Santa Monica, CA. The lecture was pretty redundant like his other information, but I guess for new people seeing him live, it would be the most amazing experience. During the Morning of March 26th, on the day of his lecture, I was looking for details on what the show is about, and that is where I stumbled on his latest video ‘The Moon Matrix’. In his video interview, he talked about how Moon isn’t formed naturally, but was actually towed here by a certain entity. Not only does an alien base on moon exist, but the moon is a fully functional base in itself. It is transmitting radiation and invisible waves, which are not only altering our DNA, but changing our souls. According to David Icke, one of NASA scientist explained, how when a rock or meteoroid crashes on the moon; the moon makes a bell or ringing sound, which only occurs if a object being hit is hollow from within. Not only the hollow aspect, but there is a giant hydraulics that are functioning as moon’s core, and helping it rotate and spin around our earth. In Hindu religion, especially Vedic Astrology, it is said that 'Moon' controls the mind, because moon is emotions, fears and thinking ability. This is why in Vedic Astrology your moon sign is far more important than the sun sign. Sun only represents the soul, which can't be felt, touched or changed, but the mind is the most venerable organ that can be changed and manipulated. Read my discussion on Vedic Astrology here.  

He also discussed the fact that around 10,000 years ago, this Reptilian Race, engineered our brains in a way, where left side of the brain is a Reptilian brain, and right is the normal human (naturally bred) brain; this is why when there is a full moon, our left side (controlled side) gets the most power, and juice over the right brain. The reason why our brains were altered according to Icke, is because the Reptilian brain acts on impulse, and wants to always conquer. This is why human race has always been in the rat-race to gain, achieve, and control anything and everything it can get is hands on. I know these theories sound crazy, and any one paying taxes, or having a normal job like tax accountant, mortgage broker, banker, or plumber; would laugh at your for about ten seconds, and declare you ‘having too much time at hand’. Even let’s say all of Icke’s visions and theories are right, and can be proven; I do not believe anyone beyond the selective, enlightened group of people need to know, because the world is stupid, and we are going to stay this way until there is a mega massive uprising. I say lets just leave the world, and we us evolutionary do our job and fight the wrong change. The world only follows a leader, so become one.  

David Icke's Moon Matrix Theory Secrets
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