Do beings like Dr. Manhattan exists in this Universe?

Watchmen superhero Dr. Manhattan was a freak accident which was created in a nuclear laboratory. How is that a nuclear reaction can make a person glow, go through walls, create multiple images of themselves, and go from planet to planet in an instant? This ability is although possible, is not capable of being archived by beings of 3rd dimension, unless of course they are made of carbon 18 atoms. Humans and all source of life on earth is made of carbon 12, and only 1% or less is made of carbon 14 element, for that is why it gives us flexibility, and ability to quickly jerk our bodies. Now imagine, if our body was switched and was made of 99% carbon 14 and only 1% carbon 12, we as human won't look the same, and emitter function the same. You won't have just one Michael Jordan in this world, but billions alike; who can jump as high as mount Everest, and run as fast as the road runner. It's all about the carbon element in our body which makes us who we are, it makes us how fast or how slow we can move, and, it also gives us pain when we get hurt or when we break a limb. A body also needs to have over 45,000mm or more magnesium, because magnesium is needed in order to disintegrate cells and bring them together in a teleportation.

It is hard to fathom that this man was indestructible, at least by any earthly means. In Physics, it is said that the laws of Physics fails when one is inside a black hole, and the most profound truth is, we are living inside a black hole. Yes, we are inside a black hole, for that is why the sky is not brightly lit 24/7, and it is not due to the atmosphere, rather, the light from each planet, and star is so dense, that it can not escape as easily as we think, and that is why we only a twinkle in the sky. Many blogs are out there, but the guru of this new science is Physicist Dr. Nassim Haramein. Let's say we are inside a black hole, that means the physics of the impossible is possible with the carbon element inside Dr. Manhattan. Then the question is asked, are we really three dimensional beings?  The chemical character of Dr. Manhattan may not be just a made up superhuman being, after all Alan Moore was far more intelligent, and an insider of the Masonic/technical secrets.

Dr. Manhattan Bio (Watchmen superhero)
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