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Mysteries of Planet Thiaoouba

I came across the mystery of Planet Thiaoouba through my good friend Dat, who is space and alien enthusiastic like myself and researches on these subjects all day long, like myself. Author and abducted guest of the Thao civilization, Michel Desmarquet is slowly becoming a huge phenomenon, especially Europe. According to Mr. Michael, he was not just abducted by aliens, but he spent three days with them on their planets Thiaoouba learning about Universe, their lives, and why he was abducted. According to his accounts, these beings were 10-12 feet tall, with unisex organs, as mostly all of them look like females, while they had the ability to levitate and fly. This is due to the fact that their planet had 40% of the total gravidity we have on Earth and that is why they are tall and able to levitate in mid air. Their houses and buildings are all built in egg shape white dome, which are called ‘Biro’. These structures are also based on the gravitational field of their planet. These vocabulary likes ‘Thiaoouba’ and ‘Biro’ are actually their own given names, spoken by the Thaos.

One major fact to learn about these aliens per Michael Desmarquet is that they are not of our plains, the 3 dimensional plains, however they are in a 3rd dimensional plain which is in parallel to our universe. Do not think there is only one 3rd dimension, and the next one has to be the 4th. There could be thousands of 3rd dimensions in the parallel universe, this is why Thaos' bodies were like ours. He also went on to explain why UFO fly so fast, and vanish into thin air in 1/10th of a second, this is due to the fact that vibration of their spacecraft is faster than the speed of light, and when a vibration of an object is faster than the speed of light it becomes invisible. This is how teleportation works on their planet, and could work on our planet if we had the technology given by Thaos, but they didn’t. This doesn’t mean we do not have the technology; we do, from ‘The Reptilians,’ just search the term ‘Jump Room’. Although I am only giving the facts from his lectures and books, his own version is far more vivid and in detail about his accounts on the abduction. Michael had to wea an gas mask because on their planet, the type of Oxygen their were breathing, would kill Mr. Michael in an instant, and even though 75% of that Oxygen was blocked, 25% still went inside his lungs, for which he suffers to this day. This reminds me of the movie Avatar. I wonder if James Cameron knows something? The learning process too, is done like a sci-fi book, where they look at each other and learn whatever the other person has to offer. There are no pens, or papers on their world, no books.

According to the author, the Charka and activation of our aura, can actually help us making contact of just dimension. This is why, according to Vedas, Kundalini Meditation activates your 7 Charkas. In my novel Kyirux, there is clearly defined explanation of such phenomena and more information on breathing meditation done on other planets.

Planet Thiaoouba Secrets Revealed
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