What did Mayan predict from their calander?

To begin with, Mayan's Calendar predicted the Japan's 8.9 earthquake on the exact same date it happened, and their calendar suggested a plate shift on western side of the world, mainly California from San Francisco to Baja California. Mayan's study of the stars and planet was far more advance than even the Hubble Telescope. They calculated the distance of each planet from the sun to 99.45% accuracy when Mathematic's wasn't even invented or discovered. They also discovered the sun's spot cycle to 95% accuracy, as a sun's solar cycle lasts 11.4 years, while Mayan's were off by 3 months, to 11.1 years, but, perhaps during their time, sun cycle only lasted 11.1 instead of 11.4 of today.

They knew that sunspots are not a black dot on the star, but a tornado, which was much cooler from inside. This doesn't mean a human can survive its internal temperate. Those temperate were in millions of degrees, yet, much cooler than that of sun's temperature.

Mayan predicted the 9/11 attack, quoting "Great steel birds will fall from the sky and end the great city to the north." They not only predicted their own doom, but the doom of the great mystical civilization known as Aztecs: who were well versed in the art of magic, astrology, numerology and astral travel. Aztec were far more superior to Mayans , but Mayan history survived more than Aztec's history. They both believed that world went through 5 ages, where we, in 2011 are living in the 5th and final stage. Even though Hindu's do also believe in 5 ages of men, they predict a rise of spiritual age, or golden age in 2012; when humanity will finally rise to be more closer to the one source, than be divided by religion and religious figures.

They, the Mayans were the first civilization to learn the art of Black Magic, and art of controlling the spirits to serve them. They knew the energies that existed during Full Moon eclipse and solar eclipses which enhanced their magic rituals; through which they saw the visions of the future and communicated with beings that may had not been of this planet. They not only advanced in the celestial knowledge, but also the medicinal knowledge. They were the first people who invited the birth control bill made by a certain flower and mixture of leaf.


IT'S good to ponder over this.

Take a look at this list too.

1 Gujarat India earthquake 26 Jan 2001

2 The Rhodes earthquake 26 June 1926

3 Taiwan earthquake 26 April 2010

4 Japan earthquake 26 Feb 2010

5 NE Japan earthquake 26 May 2003

6 NE Japan earthquake 26 July 2003

7 North America earthquake 26 Jan 1700

8 Yugoslav earthquake 26 July 1963

All the earthquakes happened on '8' as 2 + 6 = 8, and 8 is the most significant number in Mayan astrology and numerology.


14 Krakatau volcanic eruption 26 Aug 1883 ( 36,000 dead )
15 China earthquake 26 July 1976 ( 255,000 dead )
16 Portugal earthquake 26 Jan 1951 ( 30,000 dead )
17 Kansu, China earthquake 26 Dec 1932 ( 70,000 dead )
18 Turkey earthquake 26 Dec 1939 ( 41,000 dead )
19 Sabah Tidal waves 26 Dec 1996 ( 1,000 dead )
20 Bam, Iran earthquake 26 Dec 2003 ( 60,000 dead )

One of the most important discoveries Mayan made was the detection of Planet X, which according to them, was a dark ball of energy which went around the sun in a 750,000 year orbit. This Planet X, would later be known as Nibiru, which was not only dected by mordern scientists, but was first introduce by its name from the Anunnaki civilization which came to planet earth around 25,000 years ago. This brings to another mystery of this Masonic civilization, the disovery of the Crystal Skull in 1924 by Mitchell Hedges.

One thing they couldn't predict accurately was the entrance of our solar system into the Galactic plains of our galaxy. They did get the date right, but the year wrong. The Hindus, knew about the Galactic plain, and they gave a date of Dec 21st 2010, not 2012, and if you notice, since the eclipse of Dec 21st 2010, the world has been shaken up. In my novel KYIRUX: The Message of Pascal, I get the main character of the novel Jack Crawford involved with the studies and theories of Mayans.

Mayan Calander Secrets Revealed
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