What is Tantrik and Black Magic?

What is Tantrik and Black Magic?

This questions is mainly for the western world, as most eastern cultured people from any walks of life, whether it be Arabic, Indian, Asian and, even Russian, will know This questions is mainly for the western world, as most eastern cultured people from any walks of life, whether it be Arabic, Indian, Asian and, even Russian, will know what Tantrik and Black magic because it is used on people every single day in that part of the world. Tantrik is a ‘Sanskrit’ word for “Transformation”, but, it found its pop cultured name Black Magic, when couple of no brainers began relating the practices of Tantra to ‘Sex’ and ‘Black Magic’, which is absolutely wrong, because sex is only 1 of 107 branches of Tantrik science. ‘Science’ I say, yes, because in the vedic scripture, including if you have read the ‘Zohar’, that magic is simply a collection of  ‘Dark Matter’ of this universe in your control, and throwing its aura on the person who wants to improve their own life; and has nothing to do with harming people. Yes folks, improve ones live more than destroy. The sages of the old times used Tantrik on very small amount of people, who they knew will do the right thing for their own people, and anyone in their presence. Tantrik is originally ‘White Magic’, which never harms anyone, and only affects the person wanting to have the magic done; this is why it is only good, because no fool in their right mind would want something bad happen to them. There is a bit of magic and rituals involved in my sci-fi novel Kyirux trilogy, especially in the third and final installment, 'The White Gates'. However, you must understand one thing, Vedic Astrology or any of its remedial branches should not be considered a part of Ritual, Magic or Devilish activity. Astrology is simply the science of the cosmos.

This particular science was vanished from India for about 200-300 years, but, when it emerged again, and,  bought to light in the early 1600’s, it was suddenly claimed as witchcraft and black magic as people, over time, have become more dumber than smarter with the racing unvierse. Tantra simply creates an aura around you which brings you positive opportunities, like marriage, children, business, clients, friends, and makes one popular in their community. This is why every single big actor in Bollywood and Hollywood runs to not just astrologers but Tantrik guru and Kabbalaist, to make their next film a blockbuster hit. Tantra can only be performed by a very well educated guru, who has done over 15-30 years of meditation, and has a link to the 4th dimension.

What is Black Magic? It is everything that Tantra is not.

Have you were heard of a small city call “New Orelans,” and the term “Voddoo”, yes, that is satanic magic, which ones can go and have anyone be harmed, run into an accident, die of diseases, or simply become mad, because Black Magic, uses someone called “Chandal”, or “Jin”, which is a fallen angel of the 4th dimension, and stuck is limbo, but, he has the information of the future, and of the other world. Black Magic, when put on someone, will have this Jin, follow the person around for rest of their life, or, until they do a remedy for it. He will block all opportunities, make them sick, depressed, act abnormal and see things that may not be there. Most people out their claim that music industry uses this type of Magic to capture the sole of an artist, and have them say invisible words that will affect their listener. This is why music industry today has banks working under them. They know, that through these artists, they can reach MASSES amount of young, stupid people, who will do as they are advised.

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