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ASTROLOGY BOOK on knowing yourself better!
A GOOD SELF HELP BOOK is something one can understand themselves with, and explore their inner being with tools that may not have been available in the past, or the tools and knowledge was hidden from the mainstream world. Let me show you the path to YOU, find the lost origins of your soul and DNA with my self help book on the stars! Astrology @ The Speed of Light will not only change you to your core, but will bring out the 'NEW' you. This is the modern 'Book of Secrets'.  There are however lot of bad self help books, and people end up wondering 'why so many self help books sucks?' It's simple, most authors of self help books only take their 'own' experiences and calculations of life, and try to project to the reader that their ways is the 'only' way to come out of depression, financial slump, relationship woos, and many other problems of societies, and of a man made economical ecosystem. But, the experience and life of Universe is something that is incomparable and unbeatable. This is why instead of going after self help books on spirituality and depression; one can just look up at the skies and find solutions to not just their present problems, but the problems that are not foreseen by the eyes and mind.

Why should I read your Astrology Book?

Astrology books, especially the Vedic Astrology books are like a beaten record. They all talk about the same 'Book taught' techniques of finding your horoscope. I've read many astrology books, in-fact, I used to get books every year on your 'Yearly Scorpio Horoscope', and bought many Vedic Astrology books, too. But, at the end, I actually knew more than the author of that book, and not just knowing basic knowledge of astrology but the secrets of astrology. If you know a little bit of numerology, you should know I am a 7 born person. A 7 born person is a natural researcher of mystical world, the unknown answers and is eager to learn all the Masonic history of the world; this way you know I research on these subjects 24/7, and I have to! After all, I am a novelist and an author. Basically I have no life except to give life to the readers. I not only give you secrets on astrology, but also secrets on numerology and its remedies.

Astrology is not just a way to find out about your future, or verify your past. Astrology is your way to success in life, to find deepest fulfillment in this chaotic world. Through astrology you will not only learn how to earn more money, but you will learn how to 'save more money' with simple ticks and trade. Vedic astrology not only saves you, but it also saves your marriage, if you want to know "how to get your ex back?" vedic astrology has that solution in its remedies. People ask questions such as "How can I save my marriage?", the answer to this question is not in the divorce court or with a councilor, the answer to saving a marriage lies in the planets.

         Kapiel Raaj is a Science Fiction Books' author, who has also written books on Astrology and published  Romantic Novels

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