How to write a science fiction or Fantasy Book? Many science fiction fans in the world search for this answer, and more than the fans, the author wants to know the answer; what will make their novel the best selling science fiction novel in history? Many have given complex answers to this question, but the answer was very simple all along. When you can change people and their souls from inside out, that is when you have not just a best science fiction novel ever, but any literary book out in the market or peace of any type of work. 

Science fiction novels usually try to predict the future, and how life would be like for humans 100-500 years down the line. Arthur C. Clark, the deepest insider into Norad, NASA and the CIA, came close to the vision of future in his interviews, but never in his novels, at least that we know of. In an interview, Arthur C. Clark explained how business in the future would be done by sitting at one spot, and exchanging goods from across the world. How one person will be able to run a business sitting in one country, while doing business in the other. Yet, what about the visions of man space flight to the moon, and moon base, and people coming in-&-out of the moon like going to Disneyland any day of the week starting from 2001? This prediction, although came true as a black budget, top secret project for NASA, but never became a reality for the common man; even though Virgin flight will be doing a space tourism starting 2014, which would severly be restricted by the governments on what section of space they can travel to. I wonder why Sir Arthur’s vision never came true? Or was Sir Arthur smarter for not only his time, but next ten generations? Think about it. The Top 10 sci-fi books always have his name on the first 5 lists, and that because he knew a lot more than even a NASA official.

But, what makes the best selling science fiction novel in history is when you take the future, and solve problem of today. This was exactly my purpose with Kyirux. I wanted to show not just a common man, but the people up on the tree that the future we want to see, is not just here in the present, but was here millions of years before anyone of us. My main purpose for Kyirux is not to make the best science fiction novel out there, but the best study guide about what ‘is’ possible in this Universe, and what has been hidden throughout the history, not by government of any kind or human power, but hidden by ‘those who came from heaven’.

There is a rabbit hole in this website, which will take you deeper, and deeper to the point of finding the ultimate truth, and answer to Kyirux trilogy, yes, trilogy as this hole will tell the answers to the third and final installment of Kyirux: The White Gates.

Find it if you can.

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         Kapiel Raaj is a Science Fiction Books' author, who has also written books on Astrology and published  Romantic Novels

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