I've been living in the mystical world all my life, but only until I was 26 that I began to really experiment with things such as astrology, numerology, tantrik, magic, and astral meditation. Coming from a spiritual and artistic family I pursued my career in filmmaking, acting and script writing which still to this day is my passions, but, my need to find the answers for humanity, our existence and the evolutionary process led me to start writing Kyirux; as the thoughts had rattled within me since childhood. I had written some pages of the novel back in 2003, but it wasn't until I took up Kundalini meditation that I began to see visions of past and perhaps future. After finding such visions and ideas during my meditation I had to re-write the entire novel of Kyirux, and with so much information within me, I had to turn it into different parts. I would not recommend Kundalini meditation without the guidance of a guru, which I was lucky enough to find in Guru Siyag. If you get stuck inside the world of Kundalini meditation, it can take your life away as you will not know how to awaken yourself. This is the concept of the movie "Inception."

The fact of the matter is, the things we hear on the internet do have some truth to it. During my meditation I learned a lot about the Pyramids, the Anunnaki and those unknown answers that rattle within our minds when the world has gone to sleep. Questions such as "Are we alone in this vast space called Universe?" No, we're not!

About the Sci-fi Author
The most intelligent man on Earth wasn't Einstein, It was Adam Weishaupt: father of the great pyramid of United States.
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         Kapiel Raaj is a Science Fiction Books' author, who has also written books on Astrology and published  Romantic Novels