How to Master Kundalini? How to Awaken Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini Meditation is not your normal meditation. I'll give you an example. If your normal meditation is Toyota Corolla, then, Kundalini Meditation is your Astin Martin on Nos Gas tanks. It takes you on a ride of your life. Meditation in general is a simple task of relaxation from stress. Kundalini is the awakening of the charka, soul, mind, and body. Kundalini is not necessarily meditation; it is a pathway into a different world, as some call it dimension. I personally think it was a different dimension during my awakening in Kundalini meditation as I didn't see things in 3D perspective, but more so as a multi-perspective; where these giant orbs were communicating with me telepathically. Kundalini helps a person become a better physic, or a fortune teller. The vision one gets in Kundalini meditation is simply a true manifestation of the unseen past or the unseen future. I can not describe to you what the world of Kundalini looks like, because it would be too chaotic on paper. You have to experience it on your own.

The true origins of Kundalini are severely misunderstood. Many people, especially Hindus will tell you it began with the sages around 5000-10,000 years ago. But, if you ask anyone well versed in the science of Kundalini, they'll just tell you it was the Hindu sages who discovered this mystical energy of Kundalini. But, did they really answer the question? No, they didn't. The science of Kundalini Energy was 'given' to Hindu sages by the 'Manas', or better known as 'Anunnaki' (Those who came from heaven), and Pleiades. The sages of such ancient time thought these beings were Gods, and it was god who gave them the blessing of such powers by touching their forehead. It is true, but they were no gods. They were the ones who organized our DNA and transformed us and our minds in the 3rd stage of humans. It is the arrogance of man, their culture and history which they like to protect and guard with their life just for a few praises in history. As a Hindu, I believe it is my humanly duty to present ideas of the source which began the spiritual marathon on our planet.

Now, the main question is, how do you awaken your Kundalini? The only, one, true, way to do this is by having a blessings and guidance of a guru who has achieved Kundalini themselves. The guru’s spoken word, or touch of his hands is the only necessary steps you need in order to begin your journey to Kundalini awakening. While doing such advance meditation, you must recite the scared words given by the guru in your head. These words are not to be spoken to a general public, or even your family. If a guru initiates two people simultaneously, they, too, can’t speak to each other about the mantra given to them. It’s just the rules of the game. Through Kundalini, you can not only tape into the past or future, but you can self heal your body without doing any kind of yoga or taking medication. Even Baba Ram Dev yoga is not necessary when you’re awakened in Kundlaini. You must remember, this energy of Kundalini is mainly activated by shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, the planets that have phar human powers, powers which are superhuman, but, can't be accessed since we are in this body.

What does it feel like to be in Kundalini Meditation?

When you first start your process of this advance meditation, your body will begin to rock back-&-forth in a 360 degree circle. Don’t be scared, that only means its working. What is happening during that process is your muscles, soul, brain connections and mainly your Charka’s are opening up like a flower. The strength of your Charka determines how smart, dull, rich, poor, health or unhealthy you’ll be in your life. Charka, once again, are agents of the planets. Each Charka is controlled by a particular planet. Like for instants, the throat charka is controlled by planet Saturn, which, according true, and secret astrology is the most wealth and fame giving planet. To awaken this charka, you can say the mantra “tere neela kantam” as an access code to start opening up this charka. Throat Charka is the controller of your past life karma, and will dissolve all your bad karmas by chanting this mantra 108 times day while imagining a blue light in your throat during meditative state. (this was given by Data Sri Siva Baba)

In my science fiction book Kyirux, I explain what are true origins of Kundalini, and was it really started on this planet first?


Below are the location of Earth 7 Charka's.

1. Root - mount Shasta ca
2. Solar Plex-  island Titicaca south America
3. Sex- uluru kata tjuta, Australia
4. Heart- Glass Bury England,
5. Throat- Great pyramids, Egypt
6. Third Eye- kua malak, Iran,
7. Crown- Mount kales, tebat

Secrets of Kundalini Meditation
Alien origins of Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini awakining, Kundalini meditation, kundalini yoga, kundalini secrets, what is kundalini meditaiton?
Kundalini awakining, Kundalini meditation, kundalini yoga, kundalini secrets, what is kundalini meditaiton?
Guru Sying Initiation process.
If you want to feel the energy of Kundalini, go in to a meditative state, and recite the worlds "Om Amun Ra Namaha," in your mind, and see if your body rocks back-&-forth while in a meditative position.
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