What is Merkaba Meditation?

Merkaba Meditation is a replica of Kundalini Meditation which deals with Chakras and access to a different dimension, however, Merkaba Meditation deals with a geometrical shape of (Flower-of-Life) Symbol which consists of two tetrahedral structures merged into one-&-other. Once you visualize this image of yourself sitting in the middle of this structure, with the proper breathing process, you began to experience a different world around you, perhaps a different dimension. Merkaba Meditation relies on breathing deeply through your spine, yes, spine. You have to imagine that you're taking oxygen through the bottom of your spine, as in inhaling & exhaling from the root charka. According to The Vedas, your destiny lies in the spine, and when you breathe while imagining this oxygen as a light, it charges all the veins including microscopic veins which you might not have used before.

Since the spinal cord is the network router for our entire body, energizing this section with divine light sends a spark of positive energy on every part of your body, which begins to recycle your cells; the aging process slows down and sometimes even reverses.

Merkaba Meditation was originated in ancient Egyptian culture, because every single person during the pharaohs time was a healer, this is why the stache of people are always shown holding a gold & silver rod in each hand which are filled with healing crystals. During such spiritual times, it is believed that Egyptians were visited by an intergalactic beings called 'Anunnaki', who were 20-25 feet tall beings  that not only helped humans construct the pyramids, but gave us the knowledge of stars, astrology and power of meditation.

Below you will find a video that will help you on Merkaba Meditation.

What is Merkaba Meditation? 
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