What do real Aliens look like?

People have been googling this term a lot lately, especially since the Transformers 3 Official trailer came out regarding the alien moon base, and how Apollo 11 mission wasn’t really to land on the moon, but to investigate the Megatron spaceship, as in reality the ruined alien moon base which was known since Sputnik 1. I have discussed about the Alien Moon base on here. But, if there is an alien moon base on the moon with ufo's and proof of alien space ships, then there must be evidence of the aliens themselves, like photographs, video files and journals of their world? What type of technology they used, do aliens believe in god, and how do they really think? Are they compassionate like us? NASA has captured man footage of UFO's and Aliens in their above top secret Vault, but, those vault are only to be accessed by CIA, and Knights of Malta. Not even the president has that authority to look. 

First, you have to not think like a human in order to understand the real aliens. Like according to Dr. Michio Kakku, and his three types of civilizations in the Universe, where the third type won’t even recognize us as humans or even our planet earth swarming with life, because we might be like ants in a jungle for such aliens. When was the last time you stopped on a street to watch ants go about their business? If we are talking about advance aliens, we must then increase our thinking and conscious level to another plain. The word love, compassion, understanding and peace may be too much of an ancient truth to such star prodigies. For them, Survival is the key, and consuming resources is the love and peace. And these aliens are just the ones in 3rd dimension; because only 3rd dimension based species require material things to survive, communicate and travel, like a UFO. Don’t think they can just do magic and go from one planet to another by just sheer force of their thinking. Those advance beings are of 4th and 5th dimension, not ours.

Since we are discussing the advance alien life of just the 3rd dimension then we must stay within our boundaries. For example: If we use copper writing system in our planes, rockets and jets, than our advance aliens will use fiber optics, or the next stage of transmission, Cilia-Synthetic, a light based transmission, but much faster than Fiber optics, as Cilia-Synthetic will be made of pure 24K gold. Expensive, yes, in a traditional economical stand point, but I do not believe the aliens run their world on such system of trade, currency and zero-sum games. According to my meditation and linking with the other world, using pure 24K gold will not only transmit information at a much faster rate, but, it will also increase the flow of light photons, as photons have no mass, and with the minerals of 24K gold, it will get a nos boost in its system.

The advance aliens will only be masters in the ‘art of detachment’, but they will know the truth and reality of life and relationships, as they are nothing but emotions, which are electric circuit in the brain, and if you can re-wire those circuit on command, you will never shed a tear for a lost girlfriend, or dead wife and family members. You’ll be able to forget them in an instant and move to the next person. We humans grief over everything, including that promotion we didn’t get at work, because do can not control our wiring system. This is why we are just at level 0, like the ants in the jungle. I am writing about even far more advance aliens than these in KYIRUX III: The White Gates.

The Real Aliens Exposed
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