What does an inside of UFO looks like?

When we think of a UFO, and by UFO I mean a spacecraft from another world; we began the process of putting our own structure in place, like a seat, dashboard, jets, wings, oxygen tanks, and fuel tanks. This is where most, if not all science fiction writers go wrong, including some famous filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. We are all humans at the end of the day, and we have similar brain capacity and thinking origins. We are not taught to think like 4th dimensional beings or beings that may be a thousand times more advance than us. Do you really think a specie thousand times more intelligent than us will be using a mouse, keyboard, monitor or a desktop with hard-drives? They probably have never even hard of such technology in their ancient past either.

Let's just stick with beings of 3rd dimension, which is the lowest form of dimension to be in, and since we and billion other civilization are in this third dimension, we can only go so far with our technology before crumbling back to the zero factor. Now, lets take an alien specie in third dimension, which are only two thundered times more advance than us, what will their spacecraft and internal structure look like? In order to think this, we must see how far we have come in 20th and 21st century in technology and science, and how? Through the invention of microchip, which was first discovered on the Alien Moon Base during Apollo 11 and 12 mission, we humans finally leaped a 100 times forward from our current stage through such discoveries, and in the next 100 years, the surge of technology will not be so rapid, as we are reaching our own limits. We know Oil, battery and electricity can run spacecrafts, but, what is the next step? Yes, the next step is Anti-Matter fueling, but, such technology, which we know so far, is very hard to come by, at least that's what they tell us. This is why we are going to be stuck fighting the economical battle in our world over Oil, solar and alternative energies, which won't really help to any extent.

It will take us next 450 years to catch up to a specie that is two hundred times more advance than us. But, the question is what will their spacecraft look like from inside? I'll give you a small glimpse. Imagine having Fiber Optic wires connected to your spinal cord, fingers and brain, and through the capacity of human intelligence a ship will be running. No need for a computer, dashboard, just a seat, and an alien body connected to the ships transmission and telemetry. I've written in vivid details about the internal of a craft in my Kyirux series, especially 'The White Gates'.

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