Who was Stanley A. Fulham?

The retired NORAD officer, late Stanley A. Fulham predicted something which should be noticed as the reflection of Nostradamus. He not only predicted an event, but that event came true on the actual time and date he advised. Sir Stanley A. Fulham predicted the New York UFO sighting on October 13th 2010 which made headline news around the world. Why is this news? because Sir Stanley A. Fulham predicted this event four months before the actual sighting over Empire State Building in New York City. Mr. Fulham died on December 19th 2010 from an illness, but his short exposed legend will live on forever, or until the day we're having a coffee with our fellow aliens at Starbucks. But we won't, because the aliens that Sir Fulham predicted will be showing up are not of this dimension, but of 5th dimension, the highest 'spiritual' dimension known in the universe. In this dimension, all our so called Gods reside. The beings of 5th dimension are not of our caliber or form. They do not have bodies, or origins, they are orbs that although look like bubbles, but are million times more advance and intelligent than a third dimensional being; for this is why having a coffee two way will be quite a difficult task. More details are available in his book 'Challanges of Change.'

There are lot of stories and blog around about who Stanley A. Fulham was and how he predicted such an unearthly evnet? But best source I found was he himself in an interview on youtube. I am sure many of you saw it. He said, the wars, crimes, global warming and nuclear attack are all preventable, but, a secretly brewing threat to humanity is what's keeping our 5th dimensional neighbors up all night. They personally advised Stanley, and the CIA, that our atmosphere is quickly being filled with carbon dioxide, and currently its at 7%, but if it was to reach to 22%, which is rising 1% every year since 2009, humanity or life will not survive in such conditions, because the gas will become so toxic, that instead of water rain, acid will fall on human body; burning it faster than fire. Mayan, too, predicted the end of man by 'fire', but not the kind we thought. Their metaphor of fire was 'man burning', and now we know how man could burn. I am sure you are wondering why I am using the phrase 'beings of 5th dimension and not beings of 4th dimension as mentioned by Stanley Fulham; because although Sir Fulham got the description of the alien beings right, yet he got their dimensions wrong. Only the 5th dimension beings are shaped like orbs, which can switch shapes and go faster than speed of light. This is through my Kundalini Meditation I practice since initiated by a guru.

He advised that Pope Jon Paul the 2nd, before he died, said that there is no hell or heaven, it is only a state of mind. Why did he say that, because according to Sir Stanley, he was in touch with the 5th dimensional beings by the help of Trancsenters: the 4th dimensional beings who have no voice box, but they communicate through thoughts, and they were the ones who were passing messages between us and the 5th dimensional beings.

The discussion of 4th and 5th dimension beings has hardly taken place outside the realm of physicist like Dr. Michio Kakku, but in my new book KYIRUX Trilogy, I tap into these dimension as the ultimate source of extra terrestrial life.

Stanley A. Fulham Predictions
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