Who built the Pyramids?

Forget what you learned in High School in your geography class regarding the Egyptian Pyramids. What did you and I learn in High School? Pyramids were built for the pharos (kings & queen) by using slaves, copper tools, and pulleys that helped drag these 10-30 tons granite and limestone rocks. (In Japan they did an experiment to do just that, and even 100 people couldn’t pull a ten ton block more than twenty feet, before they all gave out. (Video is on youtube) Neither did any archeologist found any kind of tomb, body or mummy inside the pyramids, including any hieroglyphic drawings. This is what I thought up until I was 27-28, when I saw a documentary on Youtube regarding the pyramids, and my mind was finally open. The documentary didn’t make me a believer; it only made me a skeptic of how and when the pyramids were built? I didn’t take the first documentary as my holy grail. I wanted to find similar evidence before believing in the finite truth.

History has taught us that Pyramid of Giza was built 5,000 years ago. They also told us how the pyramids were aligned with the Orion star, and everything in the Luxor area was based on astrology and the stars. Even the King Khufu’s head on top of a lion’s body is also an astro-symbolic gesture to the stars. But, if everything was done according to the stars alignments, then building King Khufu’s head on a lion’s body is completely out of sync. If you look directly from the line-of-sight from Khufu’s face, the constellation of Scorpio was rising between 7-5 thousand years ago, but, if you go back 15-25 thousand years ago, the constellation of Leo was rising from the same spot. Knowing clearly well how mathematically precise and accurate Egyptians really where, building a symbol of lion in the age of Scorpio would not had made scene for them. This is just a small analysis of thousands of analogies regarding the timeline of Egyptian history. The Mayan pyramids, too, were build in the exact same time period from carbon dating. This subject is another article on its own.

You must have heard of the Coral Castle in Florida and the genius Edward Leedskalnin behind its construction. Sources claimed that he found the secrets of the pyramid building technique, and made the entire castle on his own. What the other say, that he knew a way of making the electron charges inside the rock, match to that of earth. Example: If a rock had negative/positive electron, and the earth has positive/negative electrons, then he made both the rock, and the ground of a certain area the exact same electron charge, as in both were + charge. What would that do? That will repel the rock from the ground, like two magnets repelling each other. Did the Egyptians use the same technique? And, if they didn’t why it that we still is can’t figure out how to make two objects of any kind repel each other? I think Michael Jordan could have used those shoes. But, if you studied that man’s personal life, it was anything but normal, including his body, and face. Intelligence sources said, he was a Pleiades, an alien species still reciting on our planet, to fight against the (Reptilians). I am still not too fond of that theory until I do my own personal research on it.  In my Sci-fi books Kyirux Trilogy, I not only talk about this, but I go into why the Pyramids were built, and the answer ‘may’ shock you.

You must have heard of Jean-Pierre Houdin, a French architect who 'thinks' he has solved the mystery of the Giza Pyramid, by showing a 3D simulation of how Pyramid was building from inside out. Even the top Japanese engender 'kind of' agreed that from a heat signature of the pyramid they do see a spiral staircase from inside. But, what is wrong with his theory?

Whenever a tetrahedron structure is built, with internal tunnels, it doesn't matter if its built from the outside or inside, it will still show the spiral shape from within, and even if he is right, that Pyramid in Egypt were built from inside out, while showing the workers having an opening on each corner of the pyramid to turn the huge 20 to 30 ton rocks, the corner shafts are still nowhere to be found inside the pyramid. What I am explaining is better shown than written, this is why I am working on an original concept art to show you why even Jean is wrong regarding the pyramids.

But remember, the most important part of this page is not to show how and when the pyramids, but why? The shape of any pyramid in any part of our galaxy holds only one meaning, which is to show you the entrance of 'The White Gates', which I am currently writing.

Pyramids Secret History
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