What is a Black Hole? What is inside a Black Hole?

What you are about to read in the first paragraph is wrong, but it has been widly distributed inforamtion on Black Holes. According to physisists, Black holes are basically a dead star which produces billion times more gravitational force than it would have ever had during its life cycle as a star. Although super black holes resides in the middle of every galaxy, the most common are the stars that become white dwarf, and began their transformation into a mini black hole. This gravitational force is so heavy, that not even light escapes it. Usually these are pulsars and quasars. Universe is filled with black holes; some small, some as large as our solar system, all the way up to super massive black holes which are size of our galaxy. Our Milky Way Galaxy is considered an average to small size galaxy, where giant galaxies are 40 to 100 times larger, with a time frame of 1-2 million light years across. When a black hole is formed, it begins the process of sucking everything that comes in its event horizon, no matter who it is. I think even god stays away from its creation, because it won’t even leave god alone if god was to approach the event horizon. But, many people and scientists have asked, when something goes inside a black hope, where does it go? Many have said light, and other materials never escapes a black hole, but black hopes are not eternal, they, too, have a life span, and when they die, they should release everything they sucked in, right? [This is the basic inforamtion of a black hole]

Another false theory on Black Hole is that it releases all the material into another dimension, because black holes are the gate way to them. When light, or a planet goes inside a black hole, it has to come out from the other side, because black holes which exists at center of all galaxies, do not have a bottom shell. They are open from both sides. If you noticed, the plume of gas that is released by a pulsar star, is not just the light beam which spreads for millions of light years across, it is actually a glimpse or a window of the other dimension.

I am not a scientist, but I am a star child of this Universe, and information that exists in this Univers, is not meant to be learned, it is meant to be discovered within ourselves. You do not need a PhD or be a super smart physicist, you just need to awaken your Chakras through Kundalini Meditation. The Mayan talked about ‘Dark Energy’ that is to come our way in the beginning of 2012, and this dark energy is not your ‘Dark Energy’ or ‘Dark Matter’ of this Universe, but it the released dark energy from a black hole, that has traveled from the beginning of time, and finally, after hundreds and millions of years is approaching our star system. This is somewhat true, but the interpretation of this has been misled. The truth is, per our ancient past of Vedas, Mayan, and through my Kundalini visions, we are living in a black hole as we speak. Shocked are you? I will explain it more in the Kyirux III: The white gates. This is the reason why light will never escape the boundaries of this Universe, as the light will bend, slowdown, speed up while going across planets and stars, but it will always return to singularity. Light does not go on forever, it will return to its original source, because we are living inside a black hole. This is why when we look up at the sky, the sky is dark, and not pure white from the light of billions and billions of stars and galaxies, because light of a single object can only go so far before it returns back to its source. The invisible gravitational force of black space keeps the light from reach out. Every light in the night sky is trapped in its own sphere or vacuum. Each black hole in our Universe is a connective transport to another Universe, meaning, another back hole. The Ultimate question is, what is the exist door from these maze of black holes and Universe? What does it actually looks like from far?

Steven Hawking talked about a theory which showed black holes were not fully black, but they emitted a radiation plume cloud which spreads to random parts of the Universe. The same ‘Dark Energy’ which per Mayan is the ‘Dark Rift’, will not only affect our minds in some mysterious manner, but transform our DNA forever. Black hole are not there as our enemy; They are actually the vital part of this Universe, acting like its kidneys.They are filtering and recycling material for this universe. This theory does not make much sense now because our minds are too narrow and stupid to think such things, but for a beings of 4th dimension, this fact may be their holy grail. The Universe does have a working functioning brain; it is thinking, watching and analyzing everything. There is a physical brain of this Universe, which sits at 1.2 trillion light years away from our solar system.  Let me show you a gateway and a world that  you may not be able to fathom. Let me take you on a journey of Kyirux: The message of Pascal, which will not only give you a vivid images of our deep universe in a cinematic theme, but the new discoveries in the story may actually make you think twice about science on our planet.

Black Hole Facts and Secrets
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Black hole, black holes, inside a blakc hole, black hole facts, what is a black hole
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