Who is Bilderberg Group?

They are your politicians, media personalities, CEO, and Executives from all the major companies around the world. People like Bill Clinton, Rockefeller, Tony Blair, Steve Ballmer, The Bush family, and Major Media Channels are a small part of this ‘secret’ group. Prince Megahertz of Netherlandds decided to invite western European and North American leaders to Bilderberg hotel back in 1951. The meeting was held secret, and since then, they decided to meet every year at unknown locations. They are the ones making UN policies, and deciding up coming events that are going to be happening in the world. Their agenda's are more secret than Illuminati or Free-Masons group. They are the ones who decide when and how your oil prices will hike, who will profit from it most, and how and when the stock market would crash or rise up. Oil prices, although occurs form war or uprising, as its occurring right now, but the start of it is always done for an agenda by such people. During the Iraq war on terror, there were reports from the inside that U.S. soldiers were dressing up like the Iraqi tribesmen, going around in a jeep and shooting villagers, who would later think it was their rival tribesmen attacking. This plan, created the perfect civil war inside Iraq, which helped U.S. take over 1.2 Billion dollar worth of Gold from Sadham’s palace.

They are mainly concerned with the power that comes from controlling the economy, they really do not like to dip their fingers in the matter of aliens, UFO or outer world phenomena. But, there influence on the world is so strong, that their policies and agendas are implemented within months of their decision, like opening up China for trade, and within a month it was.

In the second part of Kyirux: The Hidden History, I have written perhaps the best speech that a president can give to the nation, and in this speech, he breaks all the laws and rules; the same laws and rules set by such groups and societies.

Bilderberg Group
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