What is Flower-Of-Life Symbol?

Flower of Life Symbol has been around for thousands of years and can be found all over the world; from China, Chile to Egypt. The symbol has been found in City of Kings- Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. China, Beijing at Temple of Heaven, Mexico, Mayan city, Japan and Indian's sacred geometry known as 'Shri Yantra',  The Kabbalah symbol of god and Yin-Yang symbol which also represents a black hole. Especially in Egypt, Flower-of-Life symbol is not carved but laser burnt within the concrete, and this was done 5 thousand years ago. This told Nassim Hermani immediately that this symbol wasn't just made up by some spiritual or philosophical guru, but rather given to us by some intergalactic beings; this concept makes much more sense once you know the whole theory.  Nassim Hermani is a physicist.

Flower-Of-Life Symbol is made of 64 tetrahedron structures mashed in together, which makes a basic symbol of two big tetrahedron in a topsy-turvy situation. The first person to really get the attention about this symbol was Richard C. Hoagland and his 19.5 degree energy theory. He discovered that every single planet, star and galaxy had an event occurring at exactly 19.4 degree from it's equator, north pole & south pole: Jupiter's great red spot, Mar's Sedona area where Pyramids and a face were found, Earth's Bermuda Triangle & Mount Mona Lowe (Volcanic mountain), Neptune's great storm, Sun's black spots, etc... Richard then went onto discover that this 19.5 degree phenomenon was actually creating a two tetrahedron structure in topsy-turvy way inside a sphere. 

Nassim Hermani and Richard C. Hoagland have been close friends ever since they discovered each other and this theory they shared, since Nassim bought a lot more depth and calculated formulas to prove how Flower-Of-Life Symbol actually is the driving force behind the universe. According to Nassim, A Black Hole operates in the same pattern as Flower-Of-Life, as there is a point of entrance, destruction and re emerging of life & light. The ones who might had given us this symbol, were not just tying to tells something about this universe, but were actually giving us a blue print to free energy.
Below are the videos that will show you what I am explaining here.

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Flower Of Life Symbol Secrets Revealed
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