Who is Reptilian Race?

During my Kundalini Meditation, I concentrated on this particular question a while ago, who are the Reptilian Race, and are they real? No sooner than I concentrated on this, the vivid images of their body, face, and origins started to appear in front of my eyes. I do not tell my friends or family about this, because they will think I’m just plain crazy, or one of those conspiracy truthers. The fact of the matter is, this is real. In Kundalini Meditation, when true and honest information comes inside someone’s mind, the body began to rock back-&-forth, which happened to me during this session.

The face of Reptilians is nothing like what you see on your conspiracy videos on youtube or articles online. Although their face features are reptilian like, it is 85% humanoid. I am working on the sketches which I will post soon in couple of weeks. The faces however are very, very dark, the darkest green you can imagine, with three shades lighter eyes, which are more of peacock color. They have no hair, but, they have veins like breaded hair going from the forehead to the back, these veins are actually brain tissue connected to the spinal cord. They stand from five feet to six feet in height, as mostly are six feet tall, with natural built muscles that can extract and sponge on command. They are like the camellias. They can change color, shape and size of their bodies, as they are Carbon 16 based species. On our planet, Carbon 14 is a very rare element, which is found less than 1% inside our body, but, if we were to have more Carbon 14 inside our body, we would be a lot more flexible than we are right now. The circus actors are so flexible, because their mutation some how increased the level of Carbon 14 inside their body. How to I know that Carbon 16 exists, and how do I even know that Carbon 12 and 14 is a very rare element in our body without me every taking advance biology? This is what Kundalini meditation does, it gives you information you never knew.

The big questions , where did the Reptilians come from? The Reptilian race, which originally in their world are known Centauri, meaning, from the constellation AlphaCentauri, came to earth about four hundered years ago. They originally migrated from the 2nd Universe to Alpha Centauri, yes the second Universe. You see the cluster of Galaxies and all the other matter we have in our known Universe, which is clustered together in a gigantic globe, like a huge planet containing everything within it, this is why the farthest light detected from the Hubble Telescope is bending at the edges. We, as in us humans and other alien species live in a cluster which is just 1 of many Universe out there, however, there is a only a certain amount of these Universes which I discuss in the first part of Kyirux novel. The Reptilians came from the 2nd body of cluster known to them as R77. They arrived 50 years ago, yes, they are not old or ancient on this planet like our other friend Anunnaki, they are new visitors. If you noticed, only in the last 50 years that humans have excelled in technical world, but, this new specie have been traveling for about 450,000,000 light years to come to this point. Sounds like science fiction, but remember, there are Event Horizons present all throughout the Universe as an access tunnel to far reaching places.

Rest I will be showing in the third and final installment of Kyirux novel, which will discuss there origins in a creative story form.

The Reptilian Race Secrets Exposed
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