What makes a good Romantic Novel?

A good romantic novel doesn't just consist of fairytale stories which may actually end up with happy ending and happily ever after type life for the two. A true and good romantic novel should always be a reflection of the author, because making something up is always detectable by the reader, but if you take a small moment from your life, and present it to a reader with your thoughtful extension of the story; it will never fail. I've read many novels, but the only ones that grabbed me were the once that reflected the life of the author; and none came close to the author Paulo Coelho. It was after reading the Alchemist that I realized; in order for me let go of the past, I must put the turmoil happening within me in my mind on to paper. It was the blessings of Paulo Coleho who gave me another life, who showed me my destiny as a novelist and writer. I did write movie screenplays before going into the world of novel; however, the challenge of writing a screenplay was nothing compare to writing an actual novel.

Writing a novel not only requires time and commitment, but it requires tremendous mental anxiety; especially for a deep emotional person like me. When I wrote my first romantic novel Palena, I was going through mood swings, confusion and depression because my current relationship wasn't going too well; but when the breakup actually happened, that's when I wrote Ashita. It is very hard to choose between Palena and Ashita as my best work, even though I claim Ashita as my best work; but in all honest both describe me and my thoughts in two different variations. I necessarily didn't categorized these novels as Romantic novels, but spiritual romantic novels because they had a huge element of spirituality, mysticism and celestial science involved in their story. This is why these are two special novels for me, because they not only have my experience, but my soul imbeded within them. My love for mystical science and Astrology naturally found its way into my literary work, which in the beginning had nothing to do with these subjects.

My first romantic Novel 'Palena and her royal guard' was a reflection of myself and my personality from the view of a princess. The story of Palena is about a princess who not only lost herself but lost her soul after the death of her dear brother Prince Eldon; the only person who ever cared and loved Palena. But, all that changed when a new bodyguard Maverick was assigned to guard her 24/7. Maverick was a God's gift for her, because not only did he bring back Palena from depression, he held a huge secret about her.

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