Who are Knights of Malta?

Their history goes back to 1187, when they were known as Knights of Hospitaller, who fought in Jerusalem, during the first war with the religion of Islam. In bullet points:  They are the most powerful group known to man. If you think illuminati and Freemasons are the one ruling our world, then you better check your real history books again. Who are Knights of Malta? They are your CIA, your politicians, your lobbyist, your previous, present and future presidents. Medici family, which produced four pops for the Vatican church are not just powerful, but they are the family related to the Black Pope. Black pope is the most powerful pope in the world. If you think your regular John Paul 2nd is the main pope, then you are missing it big. If the white pope, your regular media pope is the CEO, then the Black Pope is the President of the company, who has the authority to fire the CEO. Black pope, per Bill Cooper and other former Government agents is over 200-300 years old, over seven feet tall, and wears all black robe, and has a silverfish skin. What does this has to do with Knights of Malta? The Black pope they claim that exist as a old short guy is just a cover up.

Knights of Malta are like the Raiths of Saurm from Lord of the Rings. They are the agents of the dark lord. They are the agents of the black pope, spread all around the world, and only in the most powerful positions. If you remember, in the beginning of the scene in Godfather III when Al Pacino was being initiated by a pope, that wasn’t just a normal ritual of the catholic church. He was becoming a member of Knights of Malta.(This is per Jordan Maxwell in a youtube interview). But, only 1-2% of the members get to meet the Black Pope. If there are over 3,000 members, than only 30 or so have seen him, and less than 1% of those have had a private or open conversation with him.

We have been taught that Vatican Church used to rule the world in Greek times, and then was overthrown by England; this can’t be further from the truth. The entire Europe and our United States of America is under the rulership of the Vatican Church. They still rule the world. There is no separation of Church and State, they are still one entity my friends. The term “Jews run the country,” should be thrown out, its not the Jews, it’s the Vatican Church, but, I would still live in this Country than any other country in the world, because at least they give the freedom to say what I am saying here on this website, and not be persecuted for my speech, or having to serve under a dictator, or communist country, at least not yet. United States, although still a slave to the Vatican Church and Knights of Malta, is still is heaven on earth. Lets hope it always will be.

The statue of Liberty is not a sign of freedom and liberty. It is the a symbol of showing the new arrivals who rules this country, because Statue of Liberty was given by a French Freemasons from Paris, who, also happened to be Knights of Malta (Vatican Church). In KYIRUX: The Hidden History, I have implied their theory in a story form.

Knights Of Malta Exposed
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