Why were Stonehenge built?

Forget what you have seen on National Geographic about the Stonehenge, and what you have read in your high school books about this 9th wonder of the world. Why were Stonehenge built? This is one question I am clearly going to answer without giving hints and bits by leading you to my sci-fi books. Stonehenge has many secrets and theories, none of which have prevailed, or have been proven. The biggest theory about the Stonehenge I’ve heard has been regarding a map to show the aliens about the whereabouts of either humans, or the alien colleagues. There are theories of a man name Duca, a very strong man who built it himself. This information was related from a Charley Sheen twin Nigel Tufnel; after knowing him though, you may not think of him as crazy. Stonehenge wasn’t built 2,500 B.C. as they predicted for the Pyramids. These suckers were build 10,000-35,000 B.C. that, too, by a single man. Now, was this man name Duca as claimed by the great guitarist, or was he someone else? It was neither Duca, and neither was it a strong man. The Stonehenge was built by a female, a single female; shocking, yes, believable, no. How can a woman build this single handedly and how does It show it was built by a woman? The biggest evidence why Stonehenge was built by the woman is Stonehenge themselves, and its coded language.

Stonehenge is not a diagram, structure or leftover pieces of a much bigger puzzle; they are written language. Yes, the Stonehenge is a written language of the Anunnaki, when decoded, it means: ‘The truth lies on the outer planets, and I, your Queen Agathon, will tell you the secret when you reach there.’ Can this be crazy, or is this true? This information was received during my Kundalini Meditation. I’ll let you decide on this, because for me the vivid visions of this lady rubbing an oil on huge rocks which easily helped her lift them into thin air made more sense to me than what NGO had produced. Like Edward Leedskalnin who single handedly built the Coral Castle in Florida from switching the magnetic pole of rocks to that of earth which helped the rock repel from the ground like two ends of a magnet, Agathon, too did the same with her advance technology when the Anunnaki visited our planet to change us forever.

The archeologists of the old days did get one thing right, the Stonehenge did have a map to the stars. But, it wasn’t any diagram of the constellation, or Zodiac sign, but as the inner circle of Stonehenge suggests, it is Jupiter with its two moons Europa and Titan. There is a relation of these three heavenly bodies to each other, or these three bodies hold a secret to human or live existence on our planet.

I not only discuss the secrets of the Pyramids in my Kyirux series, but in the third part Kyirux III I will take you on a journey of our advance past, and show you exactly where the rabbit hole ends.

Stonehenge Facts and Secrets Revealed
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