Who Is Illuminati? "The enlightened Ones".

Known to many as the forefathers of the NWO agenda, (New  World Order) and inner circle of Freemaons. Their conspiracy theories go from controlling of the world, to being an alien race known as 'The Reptilians'. There are many crazy theories regarding their origins, but one fact can not be denied; their message is embedded in the mass media, or mainstream media such as music videos, movies and news channels  like CNN. Not only the media, but their symbol was just seen in this Starbucks' painting as shown below, taken by me.

The truth is, Illuminati's agenda is far more advance than our current thinking capability. These folks, especially Adam Weishaupt all the way to George Bush Senior, have been huge followers of Masonic rituals like the worship of the Owl, Full moon rituals of Amun Ra and practicing of the Zohar. Zohar is a much more detailed and mystical part of the Kabbalah. The rituals inside the Zohar of Black Magic and technique, enables a person to not only improve his or her environment, but gives them a means to control others. This fact of controlling through Masonic rituals can be felt in Washington D.C. As soon as you reach the main city, and you walk around the monuments, you will feel this mystical energy around you, and you will feel the power of the structures and their presence; this is due to the fact that Washington D.C and its structure have been made through Black Magic rituals, and that is why they emit a certain energy from within them, which acts like a radio single, and spreads across the country to keep the minds of people less aggressive towards their government; no matter what.

As you can notice, I am not talking about what most will talk about on the history of Illuminati. As Dan Brown described in his book 'The Lost Symbol',  how the Freemasons conduct their initiating rituals of sleeping in a coffin and drinking wine from the skull; for many it sounds like hogwash and pseudosciene. Even through some well known Freemasons have defined his accounts of the rituals; some have agreed on certain aspects, which is the worship of Amun Ra and The Owl. What is the ritual of the Owl and why is it so important for the Illuminati? Owl, according to Illuminati, is a symbol of great vision, because Owl has the best vision during the night when there is no sunlight. Owl's worship began with the Aztec, and was passed on to the Mayan civilization. Owl is also an important symbol of the Bohemian Grove secret society, which is based on Nazi rituals.

founder of Illuminati Adam Weishaupt
Illuminati Conspiracy Secrets Revealed
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Annuit Coeptis
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Washington Monument from (Google Map) is a representation of Amun Ra, and respect to Ra, becuase the symbol of Amun Ra, is a circle within a circle, and notice the 'Monument'?
In the history of Mayan, they were actually capable of contacting beings of the 4th and 5th dimension, through which they received valuable information on rituals and power of Masonic symbolism. Through the studies of Mayan history which are only available to Illuminati hierarchy, showed that earth can only withstand 22 billion people, after which, the pressure will be so great that volcanoes will erupt. The main agenda of the Illuminati is to keep the population under control, to keep it under 7 billion people. We may think killing people is a barbaric thing, but because we are so limited in our thinking we do not understand why killing is a necessary part. Even the 911 attacks which were conducted by the Illuminati, were done in a 'ritualistic' manner to sacrifice to the energy of the 5th dimension, the highest of all spiritual dimension. The Owl, is worshiped heavily in this dimension. This is why Astrology has been the most important part of the U.S. Government. Entire structure of Washington D.C. is based on Astrological alignment, becuase Astrology was a gift to man from the Anunnaki.

Adam began working towards incorporating his system of Illuminism with that of Freemasonry. But do not think that Bilderberg Goup is also a part of Illuminati. Illuminati was strictly a group of scientist and mathematicians back in Rome in early 12-14th century; they were executed because of separating God from science. 'Illuminati' are not dictators, or ruthless thugs, they are man of mind and science.

Why did Illuminati choose the symbol of a pyramid with a separated capstone?

In basic terms it simply means 'All path leads to one God'. As base of the pyramids is wider, it represents all the people, religion, belief system and chaos, and as human being moves towards enlightenment, the pyramids get narrower and narrower, as the religious and personal belief get smaller and smaller until it reaches a single point towards the 'Great Eye', the 'Illumination', or as they say 'One True God'.

This is the most important symbol in the Universe, actually let me rephrase that, it is the most important shape in the Universe. This shape, which is known as a tetrahedral structure, is the answer to all that exists, and why it exists. I am currently working on the third part of KYIRUX III: The White Gates where I will reveal the secret and reason behind the shape of Pyramid, and its importance. Washington D.C. is filled with such symbols, shapes, numbers and signs that all related to just one thing, a pyramid. Why is it that Freemasons use 33rd degree as the highest degree? Well, mathematically, 33rd degree is the most important part of forming a Masonic Pyramid
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