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Will the world end on December 21st 2012?

The short answer is no, the world will not end on December 21st 2012. But, what about this whole Mayan calendar talk, and solar system entering some Galactic Plain, what is all the nonsense about? This part is no nonsense my friends. Our solar system entered the Galactic plains on Dec 21st. “Wait, did you just say entered? It's not 2012 yet.” Exactly, the entire mainstream media, books, newspapers and T.V. channels got the date wrong. Our solar system was indeed supposed to enter the Galactic plain on a 21st of December, but, that 21st December happened last year, in 2010. Yes, folks, our solar system entered the Galactic plain on Dec 21st 2010 at 9:45 am, during which the 'Lunar Eclipse' was occurring just as Mayan predicted, because majority of their special events happened during solar and lunar eclipse. There is no eclipse on Dec 21st 2012.

“The world didn't end thought?” That's right, the world was never supposed to end, except psychological transformation, and, it was an start of an Sun storm cycle, which occurred every 11 years according to the Egyptians and Mayans, but since they knew we were entering the Galactic Plains on such day, too; they gave this particular date a special reference in their history tablets. “What is so special about such entrance into the Galactic plain which will start a Dark Rift?” Have you been following the news since Dec 21st 2010, all the way up to now, which is only February 25th 2011? What is going on in the world since then? Let’s see, I remember something about a continent size storm cloud on top of Australia, followed by a major flood, the earthquakes in South America, and major flooding. I also happened to hear something about an uprising in certain country, but, umm, I can’t seem to remember which country, or countries? Did United States see anything major happening? I don’t think so; all we had was a small shooting of a congress woman in Tuscan, and some major Union reform being made in Wisconsin which would change the way we do business for Union and Non-union employees in public and private sectors, oh, and I also heard some Judge in Florida put a stop to the biggest reform every delivered from a president of united states. By the way, Mayan Calendar started 3114 B.C. about a thousand years before they ever existed. According to the chilim balam book, book of the jaguar priests, road to the starts, stated from the 9 gods who came to earth.Which simpley means nine alien beings came down to earth, to change humanity. These aliens were 'The Anunnaki'.

One of the interesting aspects of the 2012 doomsday prophecy was the arrival of Nibiru, a planet bigger than Jupiter, which will come so close to earth, that it will destroy life as we know it. More information is available on Planet Nibiru here.

However, it's not the question of "If" the world will end on December 21st 2012, but can the world end on such day? Yes, it very well can, as all the major governments of the world are planning to annihilate at least 70% of the world's population. This information was transmitted from David Icke, and some other CIA and NASA insiders. They believe NWO will take this once in a life time opportunity to bring about a threat of Aliens attack, which very well could be created by the governments themselves, and use this Alien Story on their own civilization to lower the population of the planet, as its a must; otherwise earth will not be able to sustain life more than 28.2 billion people. Find out more in Kyirux Trilogy.

Mayan 2012 Prophecy Secrets Revealed
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