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My passion for universe was always embedded in my DNA. Ever since I was a kid I have been asking questions about the Universe: what is it? Why is it here? When did it begin? Where does it end? And, who created it? These questions have rattled within everyone’s mind at some point in their lives, but for me it has been like a recurring dream while I’m awake on daily basis. I didn’t start early on the actual research of the Universe, but my search began with my own thoughts, why is it that I thought this way, and why other people in my family were just your average people living their lives? This search of mine led me to find the mystical science of Astrology and Vedic Astrology. When I began the journey in the world of astrology, I began to slowly find myself. I began to learn about my life, my thought process, and my surroundings. I saw my body, mind and soul from the perspective of planets, energy and charkas. I had begun my own transformation from being a human to a start child of our solar system. I, however did get drifted into the wrong path for a long time, when I was only looking at my sun signs horoscope and learning everything about it, thinking that is who I am, a ‘Scorpio’, little did I know, not only I find out I wasn’t a Scorpio, but It didn’t matter what my sun sign was, or where my sun was placed, because sun sign only played a very small role in the world of Astrology. Once I discovered the secrets of Vedic Astrology, beside from its basic knowledge, I finally found my soul, and its place of existence. But, that wasn’t enough, not only did I dive into the mystical world of astrology, but I became well versed in Numerology, Tantrik magic, and found out the details on Black Magic and its mysteries. Once I had experienced all these energies, and their branches, I came across the magic of Kundalini Meditation, which not only invoked a whole knew dimension within me, but, inspired to re-write my entire Trilogy of KYIRUX. In my science fiction novel Kyirux, I wanted to not only throw all my unanswered questions in inside about the Universe, but I wanted to make this as a guide for people who were asking the same question as I was, who are we? And what is this place? In my three parts of Kyirux, I will take you on a journey which you’ll never forget, from the secrets of our own planets, to going beyond our solar system, and beyond the edges of our Universe to find the existence of not just god, but the answers to everything. I wrote this novel because I wanted someone to write this novel, and when I couldn’t find it, I knew I had to write it, especially after my Kundalini experince.

I learned many great ancient histories of our planet through my research and Kundalini awakening knowledge. I took parts from Mayan 2012 prophesy, the arrival of Planet Nibiru, and the latest and the greatest story every denied, Moon alien base.

In my novel Kyirux: The message of Pascal, and the other two parts, I talk about some of the secrets of the Universe which are not known to man.

Secrets Of The Universe 
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         Kapiel Raaj is a Science Fiction Books' author, who has also written books on Astrology and published  Romantic Novels