Secrets of Alien Moon Base

The first time the thought rattled within my mind about not just a moon base, but an alien moon base, was when I was driving towards Las Vegas, alone, and stopped in the middle of a desert to pee, and looked at the most amazing starry night with full moon. While observing, I suddenly asked myself, "why is it that we never see the other side of the moon? Once I got back from my trip, I goggled my research, which also recommended me books to read. Once I dove into the water of outer space, my soul and mind began to transform into something else. I not only became passionate about the subject of aliens, but I began to study about everything that was hidden from plain sight, like Anunnaki, The Manas, Atlantians, secrets of the Pyramids and Nazca lines. 

I came upon a video of some insiders such as Karl Wolf, and Dona Hare, who both worked for NASA and confirmed with their own eyes the photographs they saw of ‘Luna’, which is the name of Aliens using our moon as a mining base per William Cooper: perhaps one of the most honest inside man ever existed on our plains. Him, and other NASA scientists were asked to clean out the pictures for media, because it was classified as Top Secret, and neither did NASA wanted to responsible for any religious uprising around the world. ‘Neil Arm Strong’ back in 1994 made a rare public appearance, where, in his coded language he admitted to witnessing something unearthly, which was alive on the moon surface. He said, “There are great ideas undiscovered, and breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers.”

At the far side of the moon, which is never seen here on earth, lies the biggest mining machine a human can ever imagine, and the mining machine is attached to a mothership which is pumping the most valuable resource known in our galaxy: Anti-Matter. How are they doing it, and why is that Anti-Matter needs to be mined, this question can only be answered either by top NASA officials or the Lunas themselves. Most inside official also have claimed that Luna are the remaining entities of Planet Nibiru.

Even Buzz Aldrin, who is the poster child of the Apollo program, and has became a celebrity in his own right, admitted of a monolith on the moon of Mars, and a strange object following them on their journey to the moon. You do not need to search in any secret book on Mount doom or Gondor, the information is available on youtube and Google, through legitimate sources. I've also included my new article on David Icke's Moon Matrix. Please do visit and read.

In the second party of Kyirux: The Hidden History, which comes out on March 11th, 2011 on I go into more of an imaginative depth of the alien moon base, and what might be inside those structures, and buildings. I say the word 'imaginative' because, the images I saw during my Kundalini meditation, is what I put down on paper, or shall I say 'word', and since it has no proof besides my own inner universe, I can't claim it to be the truth. The entire series of Kyirux is basd the facts, and my imaginative truth.

Any best selling science fiction author can write a novel which will capture your imagination, and take your mind into a different world, but, it takes a rebel with a cause to show you the truth, even if its in imaginative form.
Alien Moon Base as 'Luna'  Hidden Secrets Exposed
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         Kapiel Raaj is a Science Fiction Books' author, who has also written books on Astrology and published  Romantic Novels