Who were Aztec?

Aztec were the most powerful kingdom and empire known in Central America during the early years of time. After 200 years though, they vaniedsh from the face of the earth. They were short lived like the Mayan. Aztecs were not just highly sophisticated in art of tool making, and magic; they were the most intelligent society of their time.  Well versed in the ritual of humans sacrifices, and Black Magic performance. They were even more powerful than Mayan. They weren’t the thugs of their time, but a great civilization of advance magnitude. There secrets, knowledge and powers are still hidden from most of the world. They were one of the first cultures to bring about Black Magic, and Masonic rituals into the world. How did they do that? Were they in connection with a higher power, or beings of another dimension? Yes, they actually were. Most of us now-a-days think that tribes performing black magic rituals, and doing human sacrifice to please the gods would sound more hogwash than a complicated, scientific method of communicating with a dimension which is well beyond our understanding.

According to this great and mystical civilization, our Sun has gone through four cycle, while on the 4th and final cycle it died, it was the Aztecs leaders, who on a top of the great pyramid, sacrificed themselves to have another sun come to our solar system. Imagine months, and months of darkness in a reign close to the equator where sun shines the brightest. Why would there be darkness for months without any smoke from volcano, or fire? This mystery has lead many authors like David Carrasco, and Carlos Fuentes to write a great detail on Aztecs civilization. The Aztecs were one of several societies in early days to believe in gemstones such as Jade, blue sapphire, emerald and Turquoise; which sparked a wave of new tradition: Gem therapy. It is believed that Jade and Turquoise possess not only magical energy, but energy of the planet Venus, the god of beauty. The minerals in these gems either attack spirits and ghosts easily, or act as one of the ingredient or tools to communicate with beings of other plains, planets and dimensions; a teleporting device in a way.

I will be brining this ancient, mystical civilization to life in Kyirux III: The White Gates. 

Aztec Secret History
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