What was Project Orion?

Hanns Hoerbiger- A scientist from Australia who determined that our planet has gone through five ice ages, and five life extensions right here on earth. During that time, coal and diamond miners found large size human skeletons, ranging from fifteen to twenty feet tall. This didn’t become news as of course “They”, made it a top secret project for their researchers. Some still think it wasn’t the humans but Anunnaki. During the era of WWII, Germans had many archeology projects occurring in Middle East and Afghanistan, where during a particular area of in Kabul, they found a dark flying object, and quickly, that area was classified as top secrets by the Germans. Of Course, during those days no one could quickly take a cell phone picture and put it on facebook, and that is why it was much easier for governments to hide any evidence of intelligence life which was living or ever lived beyond our planet.

Around 1927-1930 Russian scientist discovered that certain portions of China and Afghanistan were blow up, not by an asteroid, but a nuclear or atomic bomb; seventy to eighty thousand years ago. Project Rainbow began there after, which is not so important regarding the subject of Project Orion. But, on June 1965 a 25,000 year old spacecraft was recovered in the icy mountains of Russia, which marked the biggest discovery for the secret world; The CIA. Project Orion began thereafter. This information and more was gathered from “Orion Conspiracy video”, “Bill Cooper”, and “Secrets of the Orion project Documentary”. I can write another fifteen pages, and that wouldn’t be enough, but you can watch the videos and learn more. Rest of the secrets of the world are on this page.

In the Novel Kyirux: I have written a lot about the 20 feet tall skeleton and who they really where, and what happened to them.

Project Orion 
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