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   KYIRUX PART I                                  
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Science and Science fiction books has always been a passion of mine. I always made time for PBS NOVA, Discovery Channel (when it was good), Science Channel talking about planets, space and Universe. But, I left all the mainstream media channels behind, besides Steven Spielberg films, and all the Hollywood films on aliens. The reason was simple, mainstream media is a controlled environment, and no government agency will let the mainstream media project the truth, except a small glimpse of truth; where in movies, they do want to give you the clues to real Alien life that's out there, and all the Illuminati symbols that are shown in films. I found a better ambience for my passion which was the internet, youtube and blogs, that gave the true glimpse of our real universe and its secrets. Such inspiration from independent sources and being introudced to Kunalini Meditation let me to re-write Kyirux: The Message of Pascal. Once I finished Kyirux, I realized I had a lot more to give, and show the world about our Universe; and that is when I wrote Kyirux II, (The Hidden History).

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The Secrets of the world will always be here for humans to explorer and discuss amongst friends, family and blogs. But why such a secrecy over matters that every single human being has a right on knowing. It's not a special right given to Free Masons, Illuminati or Bilderberg Group to know. They are nothing special, just men wanting more and more power over knowledge, wisdom and wealth. They are not the agents of god protecting a Masonic Secret. Why is it that people like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell are suddenly coming up in the light and having their aura illuminated to the world? And more importantly, why aren't people listening, and going in front of the White House and demanding answers? Because we are all afraid. We love being inside our den like a wolf, and do not want to concern ourselves with world matters that are not affecting us. But, the truth is, they are affecting us, but in such a form and time frame, that we may not suffer, but our great grand kids will surly see its effect. This was also the message of the greatest truther Stanley A. Fulham

Why is it that secret societies pray to Amun Ra and not Jesus Christ? Why is it that they pray to Saturn for power and wealth and not Venus as suggested in pop-culture studies of astrology? This is the reason why I went into writing my book series KYIRUX, because even though I can not pick up a gun and fight the world, I feel words are more powerful than any weapon known to man. I want KYIRUX to be a gateway to answers we all seek, and all in one book, from after death, to what this Universe really is, and all the mystical mysteries on this planet. I want to give all in one book series. It is time we all became Evolutionary.

I have also started a new page on all the prophecy of Mayan, 2012 dooms day theory and Planet Nibiru.

         Kapiel Raaj is a Science Fiction Books' author, who has also written books on Astrology and published  Romantic Novels
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